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Domains are usually registered for a amount of 1-10 years. You are able to either rebuild the ended site or redirect the present traffic to your new one. Once the rent period is up the website name can either be registered once again or left to run out. Buying a good expired domain name is a great method to get traffic to your site. If it is left to run out the registrar will remove the domain name so that other people can buy it.

Any time you have a question or problem regarding your server, even at 3am in the morning, LayerOnline are just a click away, fixing your problem right on the spot. LayerOnline average wait time is lower than 30 seconds. Not many cheap dedicated server hosting server providers offer true 24/7/365 live chat.

Each server also comes with 5 IPs ready for virtualization. We also provide gigabit private system for internal communication between nodes. All LayerOnline machines are VMWare certified with HW RAID for both HDD and SSD. Many low grade RAID controllers used by other providers are in fact not VMWare or SSD compatible.

You will only really need the VPS if you are a techy-programmer. Basically, you have the particular server that is shared with lots of people but they all act as if they happen to be their own computer. A VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER is good if you have hundreds of websites but they are not massive, or even if you need to send out emails however, you don't have a huge list of clients.

LayerOnline server also includes 100% network uptime guarantee. All our RAM are ECC RAM. For SSD we all always use latest Samsung EVO SOLID STATE DRIVE for maximum performance and dependability. We all only use enterprise grade disks with ultra high performance and lower failure rate.

Virgin mobile Media and BT Web are ISP's. Clients have a username and a security password and can dial-up or make use of a cable or DSL range to connect to ISP's system which is connected to the Internet. An ISP stands for Internet connection provider which is a company that shows members with Internet access.

On top of that, 1TB (same or bigger) backup disk also comes standard with every server. And your data is your company most valuable asset. We understand that your business is essential to you. To protect your data, dual disks RAID1 comes standard with every LayerOnline server configuration. LayerOnline DDOS protection equipment is able to handle very heavy DDOS attacks and your server won't also notice that it's under attack.

It is far cheaper plus maintenance free which is a added reward. Only use a dedicated server when you have a large site that will get thousands of visitors a day. Generally shared hosting will be more than sufficient to meet any hosting requirements.

The problem arrives when one site includes a traffic surge. Say there is certainly 256 Mb of RAM MEMORY on a server, and one web site gets hit with visitors that takes up 200 from it. That puts a damper on a supposedly 'unlimited' plan. All the other sites on the machine have to share the last 56 Mb.

We also offer cost match for all the big players out there. We have been specialized in providing cloud and cheap dedicated server hosting devoted server solutions. We custom customize the server package specifically for your business needs and budget along with great discounts. Our happiness manager will make sure that you will be completely satisfied with our offering and services.

We understand that every business is unique. We no longer limit your options by the type of machine you choose, unless it's limited by the particular hardware. We allow you to configure all aspects of your dedicated server, including CPU, memory, drive, RAID type and many more. That's why each of LayerOnline machine is fully customizable. You can upgrade to 1TB SSD RAID and 1TB SOLID STATE DRIVE for your entry level dedicated server if you want.